Training and Research Institute of Exact Sciences and Economics

Training and Research Institute of Exact Sciences and Economics

Educational Measurements (011 Educational Sciences) [master only]
Mathematics (014 Secondary Education)
Computer Science
Minor degrees:
Educational Measurements


Physics (014 Secondary Education)
Minor degrees:
Information Technologies;
Applied Physics and Nanomaterials (105)
Computer Sciences and Information Technologies(122)
Degree: Bachelor, Master.
Mode of study: full-time, part-time.

Department of Computer Science

In 1997, the Department began training of masters specializing in “Methods of secondary education. Mathematics”. This Department also provides Bachelor’s degree in computer science and has two programs for Master’s degree. In addition, the department offers the degrees in computer science and educational measurements for pedagogical specialties “Secondary education” (Computer science, Mathematics, Physics).

Department of Mathematics and Economics

In 1997 this department added postgraduate education program in the sphere of “Differential Equations”. The Department has established a specialized class, equipped with a multimedia projector, which makes it possible to use modern information technologies in educational process. There is also a resource center, where lots of mathematical literature, educational and teaching materials are gathered.


Telephone: +38 04631 7-19-79.