Faculty of History and Law

Today the faculty consists of four departments. Department of History of Ukraine, Department of World History, Department of Political Science and Law, Department of Philosophy and Sociology. The teaching staff of the faculty includes 9 Doctors of Science and 12 PhDs.

Scientific research at the faculty is conducted in the following lines:

  • current problems of development and transformation of Ukraine’s History;
  • historical and country specific artifacts of Nizhyn and Chernihiv region;
  • development of democratic traditions in world history;
  • ethnic, interreligious, socio-economical and political history of Chernihiv region.

Our lecturers take part in different scientific conventions, conferences, seminars. Moreover, the departments of the faculty organized some international conferences, such as “Question marks in the History of Ukraine” and “Nizhyn University – 200th anniversary”.

Extracurricular activities at the faculty include: scientific discussion club, creative amateur talent groups. In addition, we hold contests, organize traditional celebrations – Day of the Faculty, “Equator”, Day of Farewell Bell and more.

Department of World History co-works with similar departments in other leading Ukrainian and foreign universities. The department carries out research in several lines:

  • problems of establishment and development of modern civilizations;
  • educational materials in the course of World History.

The department has taken medal places in the contest “Department of the Year” several times. The lecturers have won the first prize of the contest “Best scientist” on numerous occasions.

Department of History of Ukraine constantly arranges different conferences including international ones. The scientific work at the department is substantial, which led the head of the department, O.D. Boiko, to be recognized as the best scientist at the university, and the department itself to come in the first place in the ranking of “Best Department of the University” for four years in a row. The work of the department with its students is also efficient. One archeological club, an amateur talent group and nine discussion groups function at the department.

Department of Political Science and Law teaches courses in law, political science and methodology of teaching using modern educational technologies. The department conducts scientific studies in the following lines:

  • political institutes and processes;
  • rights and duties of people and citizens;
  • innovative methods of education.

Since 2010, the university’s centre of gender education has functioned within the department. The teaching staff of the department constantly takes part in different scientific conferences. At the students’ political club, which functions at the department, students can share their thoughts, arrange discussions and take part in different trainings.

Department of Philosophy and Sociology has many qualified lecturers, who teach courses in Philosophy, Aesthetics, Sociology, Logics and who are also the authors of textbooks in corresponding disciplines. The department also carries out a research on the topic “Spiritual basis of a society and cultural genesis as an object of research in Philosophy and Sociology.”

The faculty is happy to welcome all visitors and students.

E-mail: nizhyn-ist-fak@ukr.net.

Telephone: +38 04631 7-19-78.