Our accommodation is situated in the centre of Nizhyn within easy reach of the university so there is no need for costly commuting. We offer a wide range of accommodation from traditional shared facilities to en-suite self-catered accommodation. Whatever your requirements, we aim to provide you with an option that will suit you and your budget.

Value for money accommodation starts at just over $10 per month. To help you with your work our study bedrooms have access to the web, and most offer both wireless and hard-wired connections. The price per week also includes all energy costs.

Each residence is a vibrant community with its own distinctive character, offering you a safe and secure environment in which to socialise, study and relax. Each residence has a communal living room that provides a comfortable environment to watch television, play games, read or meet friends.

Although the university accommodates a large number of students, some can easily move into the private sector, of which Nizhyn has plenty.


Those who doesn’t feel like cooking can always visit the university canteen, which is in 5 min walk from the main university buildings and can offer a wide range of 
tasty meals for reasonable prices.

Medical assistance

In case of emergencies or health issues students can always sick help from the University Medical Office, which can conduct all possible types of first aid measures as well as provide some primary medical treatment in fully equipped procedure, physiotherapeutic and dental rooms.