Oleksandr Rostovskyi Educational and Research Institute of Art

Today the teaching staff of the institute comprises a constellation of musicians and scientists, whose high achievements are the evidence of the professional image of our university and influence the growth of its authority as a scientific, cultural and artistic centre of the whole region.

Students of the institute may choose one of the following majors: Choreography (024), Music (014 Secondary education).

Many outstanding people graduated from the institute, including future People’s Artists of Ukraine, Doctors of Fine Arts, professors, Honored Artists, winners of international contests etc.

Several students’ on-stage performance groups of different genres work at the institute:

  • Ukrainian folk instrument orchestra. Art director and conductor – Mykola Shumskyi, Honoured Artist of Ukraine.
  • Female Choir “Canzone”. Art director – Zoia Khomenko, senior lecturer.
  • Female choir “Liubava”. Art director – Liubov Dorokhina, Ph.D. in History of Arts, associate professor.
  • Reed pipe and folk music ensemble. Art director – Vadym Polianskyi, senior lecturer.
  • Dance ensemble “Divertisment”. Art director –Anna Seriakova, senior lecturer.
  • Dance troupe “Zabava”. Art director – Olexandr Parkhomenko, lecturer.

Youth choir “Svitych”, heart and soul of the Institute and the University, is the repeat winner of many national and European contests. Directed by honoured art workers, the Choir has appeared on the stages in Belorus, Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, France, etc. Students may try their hands at National junior vocal, conducting, instrumental contest, which is held at the institute. The Institute has a number of facilities and services which are available to all students: a concert hall, choreographic and choir classes, a computer class, free and fast access to the Internet, audio and video recordings, choir, piano, orchestral instruments, voice training classes, wide range of clothing for performance groups.

We welcome you to our group!

E-mail: art.culture@ndu.edu.ua.

Telephone: +38 04631 7-19-84.