Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Foreign Languages has more than 600 daytime and full-time students, 300 extramural and part-time students studying English, German and French. The faculty comprises 5 departments where 97 instructors work, including 5 doctors and professors, 20 associate professors and candidates of sciences. It has a scientific laboratory of computer technologies for teaching foreign languages, the Center for comparative pedagogical research, “Translator” – the association of those engaged in the translation of artistic works, scientific sections on foreign philology and applied linguistics, student organization, communities of interests, clubs, amateur art groups.

Areas of Study

  • English Language and Literature (035)

Minor degree:

  • Translation;
  • English and German Languages and Literature (014 Secondary Education)
  • German Language and Literature (035)

Minor degree:

  • Translation;
  • German and English Languages and Literature (014 Secondary Education)

Degree: Bachelor, Master.

Mode of study: full-time, part-time.

International links: the experience of international cooperation, expansion of ties with foreign partners allowed to carry out research on comparison of approaches to teacher training in various educational systems.  In the 80’s, the first delegations from other countries visited Nizhyn – today we are proud of the results of international projects on teacher training (1998), the development of language skills of students under the terms of the program with the US Peace Corps (1999-2004), the implementation of information technology in education (2000-2003, 2008). The faculty constantly maintains contacts with the British Council, the Goethe Institute, the French Cultural Center, the publishing houses of educational literature in Great Britain, Germany, France.

Educational traditions: drama studios, discussion clubs, amateur art groups, the program “Language and Culture” in the Forest Lake camp, “Come on, freshman”, “The Last Bell”, “Christmas in the countries of the world”, “Equator” and others. All this is a combination of students’ and teachers’ efforts.

Facilities: computer and multimedia classes, satellite communications, free Internet access, which is a prerequisite for the effective teaching of foreign languages through the communication of teachers and students not only in the real classrooms of the university, but also in the virtual learning environment.

Dean of the Foreign Languages Faculty is Tezikova S.V., a graduate of the university in 1981.

E-mail: inyaz@ndu.edu.ua.

Telephone: +38 04631 7-19-82.