Academician M.O. Lavrovskiy Library is the main library of Nizhyn Gogol State University. One of the oldest university’s libraries was founded in 1820, and knyaz Bezborodko’s private collection (c. 2500 volumes) served as a basis of the Library holding. Later on the Library received valuable collections of books from Ukraine, Russian, Germany, Poland, etc. The Library owes its name to academician M.O. Lavrovskiy, who was its honoured administrator and paid special attention to the improvement of the Library.

Statistics and Arrangements:

  • The University Library holds c. 1 million printed volumes, among them: more than 100,000 scientific literature volumes, 300,000 course books, c. 100,000 periodicals, 500,000 items in foreign languages;
  • The Library has over 4,000 registered customers;
  • Every year more than 130,000 members visit the Library;
  • Over 220,000 volumes per year are borrowed from the Library;
  • Each year new items are accessioned according to the university programmes: psychological and pedagogical sciences, history, philosophy, culture and art, physics and mathematics, natural science, etc.

Library Structure

The library consists of 9 departments: Library Management and Collection Development, responsible for planning of acquisitions; Technical Service, cataloguing and processing new materials; IT Service, developing and administrating library computer system;  Circulation, handling user accounts, the loaning/ returning, and shelving of materials; Reading Rooms Service, controlling 3 library’s reading rooms; Speciall Collections and Rare Book, responsible for preservation of rare and archival materials; and The Museum of Rare Book.

Library and IT

The Library’s website provides information about collections, accessions, services and events, as well as links to the Library’s online catalogue and different information sources relevant to teaching and research at the University. Our customers can easily find items available at the Library and get full-text electronic books and journals.

Special Collection

The Museum of Rare Book boasts of over 100,000 volumes of rare books. About 11,000 worthwhile items are exhibited in its two halls. Among them there are the ancient editions of the 16th-18th centuries such as the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer, Eneid by Vergil, Grammar by M. Smotrytsky, etc.

For most of the year Academician M.O. Lavrovskiy Library is open 5 days a week (Monday to Friday 8.30 – 17.00)

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